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November 25 & 26, 2020

Virtual Workshops & Conference

The Canadian Institute of Geomatics - Newfoundland and Labrador Branch is pleased to announce Geomatics Atlantic 2020. From emergency preparedness to healthy ecosystems and from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to citizen science, geomatics is playing an increasingly important role in visualizing our world and building a road map towards a resilient future.

In keeping with the times, GA2020 will be a virtual event with authors given the opportunity to present their research from the comfort of their offices or homes. Pre-recorded presentations are welcome, too! Without the travel requirement, GA2020 will afford an equal opportunity for attendance from across Canada.


Due to the online nature of this event, we have been able to provide registration at a reduced cost, providing attendees with virtual networking and professional development at a significant value. Visit our Registration page for more information on pricing.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at this exciting event.


*** All conference sessions will be recorded

and made available to registrants for viewing any time. ***

The draft agenda is available for download here:

Draft Agenda (pdf, 640 KB)

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Healy Hamilton - Chief Scientist, NatureServe
(Arlington, VA)


Title: Map of Biodiversity Importance – A Collaborative Effort to Identify the Places Most Important for Conserving at-risk Species


Through a landmark collaboration, NatureServe has released a portfolio of maps that identify areas critical to sustaining our nation's rich biodiversity. With support from Esri, The Nature Conservancy, and Microsoft's AI for Earth program, NatureServe and their network of natural heritage programs created a comprehensive set of habitat models for over 2,200 at-risk species in the contiguous United States, including those ranked as Globally Critically Imperiled (G1) or Globally Imperiled (G2), or those listed as full species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Analyzed in conjunction with protected areas boundaries, these data support mapping areas of high biodiversity importance—an invaluable input to guide effective conservation decision-making.

Joel Cumming - Chief Operating Officer, Skywatch
(Waterloo, Ontario)


Title: No Humans in the Loop - How Machine to Machine Processing is Revolutionizing Remote Sensing and Geomatics


Earth observation has come a long way. We've gone from the days of imagery delivered via mail on 9 track tapes to near-real capture, processing, and delivery of billions of pixels of data. The industry that used to require a large number of skilled analysts to interpret satellite imagery is now seeing algorithms replacing eyeball and machine learning uncovering patterns never before predicted.  In this keynote, we'll dive into the trend of machine-to-machine processing in Earth observation, the benefits of aggregation and normalization, and the impact on the Earth observation industry as a whole.




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